Stuff I've Made

  • Land Pirates!

    Right now, this is a basic framework for JavaScript browser RPGs, but I'm woooorking on it!

  • One-Shot Comics

    When I get an idea, it needs to go down on paper. These are little comics I make out of dumb ideas.

  • Why I Don't Like Dart

    This wasn't really made for any sort of "paper" or "recognition" or "rebuttal" of some sort. It was mainly made because someone asked me "Why don't you like Dart?"
    TL;DR, it seems to overcomplicate things and acts very self-righteous.

  • E-Drugs

    Wait, hear me out! This was originally a little storage space for binaural beats, but now it's more like my HTML Sandbox... and storage space for binaural beats.

Contacting and Following Me

The Sandbox

This is where I put all the little side projects I do to practice codery and whatnot. Descriptions unprovided, but browser sanity is assured. Enter at your own risk.